Why Are Racing Wheels So Expensive?

Racing wheels are often expensive due to several factors. Racing wheels are designed to meet high-performance standards, branding and reputation play a role in the cost of racing wheels, requiring advanced materials and construction techniques to withstand the demanding conditions of racing. These wheels are engineered to be lightweight yet durable, allowing for increased speed and maneuverability on the track.

Why Are Racing Wheels So Expensive?

Do race wheels make a difference? Certainly, the virtual world is far from the real world. But you can get a similar experience without going on the real car racing route. However, racing wheels are the perfect way to enjoy the sensation of the steering wheel of a real car. In the simulated zone, you can ride any car on any road you want to. A complete racing wheel kit comes with shifter control and a set of pedals for brake, gas, and clutch actuation.

The wheel and pedal control helps to manage a simulated car. Typically, the price of the wheels starts from $50 to $700. If you want high-quality racing wheels, you need to spend up to $400. But is a racing wheel worth it?

Force Feedback

The most common reason for this high price is the advanced technology. Manufacturers use electric motors in the controller. It is an alternative to the springs, and it is used to get a level of force feedback.

Force feedback implies centering force and other artificial effects. For example, the wheel shakes while crashing or other exciting turns. Due to the improvement of physical engines, the force feedback becomes more accurate and allows linking close to the simulated vehicle dynamic.

The high technology enriches the realism of the game. The player truly feels the force that goes through the steering rack. Wheel’s force feedback is the fundamental factor for an adequate steering feel and understanding of drivability. In an analysis, it is established that the frequency range of direct-drive and gear-driven wheels is superior.

However, all the wheels don’t have similar features and feel. Only, high-quality sim wheels provide an accurate feel. If you invest in a high-end racing wheel, it will be worth your money for the hype.


CNC machining, CAD designs, width, diameter, and powder coating affect the sim wheel price. In a word, a more intricate and lighter design will cost more. For example, the GT-style wheel is more expensive than the formula-style wheel.

An F3 wheel is a kind of beginner-level and comes with grips, buttons on the faceplate, an adapter, and a QR hub.

On the other hand, GT-style racing would be more sensible and comes with a complete package including buttons, steering wheel, paddles, QR hub, and hub adapter.

The rim needs to be placed onto a hub with no button. Although beginner players are more focused on the racing wheels rather than the pedals because it offers optimal control during the race. Wheels are the most powerful controller, and you can also control the software during gameplay.


When the racing wheel has more complexity and functions, the price increases. More functions will give a more realistic experience. Below are features you can expect on the quality racing wheel:

• Momentary push-button for entering and exiting the car-
• Rotating ABS
• Momentary button for pit limiter
• Rotating brake bias
• Toggle switch for engine on and off
• Push button for headlight flash
• Toggle switch for ignition on and off
• Funky switch to switch between the next and previous of the black box
• Funky switch to select control of the black box
• Rotating or momentary buttons to increment or decrement values

Wire or Wireless

The wired and wireless function is also a reason why are sim racing wheels so expensive.
The wireless technology is similar to Bluetooth and you will have the advantage of compatible wireless wheels. The wireless wheel is more convenient to operate as there is no USB connection like a PC game controller so.

Wheel Display

In the high-end wheels, you will find a colorful display screen configured with Ultimate Gametech Manager compatibility. This screen will show you the right data in front of you. Usually, you will see lap delta, position, best lap time, shift, and rpm lights. All this data really gets you immersed in simulated car racing.

Price Range Of Different Types of Racing Wheels

In the market, you will discover various categories of racing wheels that are coming in different price ranges and levels of experience. Each racing wheel has its own advantages and disadvantages. The three most popular racing wheels are gear-driven, belt-driven, and direct-drive wheels. Below we have covered their price range options.


Gear-driven racing wheels are designed for beginners. Actually, these entry-level wheels don’t have too many features. They feature a small internal motor to amplify the power of the cogs system. The force feedback is reasonable but not as smooth as the premium wheels. As gear-driven is an entry-level option, they come at affordable prices and it reflects on the build quality and performance. However, this option is the best sim racing wheel for the money.

If you don’t focus on the low-quality option, then you can buy them for as low as $100. Moreover, some entry-level gear-driven options around $200 to $300 often provide a decent level of force feedback. But they are not strong and detailed enough as the more advanced racing wheels.

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Belt-driven racing wheels contain a system of belts and pulleys to expand the power of the internal motors. In turn, you will get smoother force feedback. Novices and mid-levels of experience usually purchase belt-driven sim racing wheels. This wheel is also a good option for experts. However, the power is still less than on high-end wheels.

Belt-driven wheels are the updated version of gear-driven wheels. At a low price range, a belt-driven wheel will cost around $200. Usually, they come to around $500 and even higher. If the beginner-level player has a big budget this model will provide the best sim racing experience under the belt.

Direct Drive

Lastly, the most premium sim racing wheels are the direct-drive. They come with more advanced features and durable build quality. The high-end material and the high strength of the vigor response together offer an optimal feel. If you wonder why are racing wheels so expensive, the quality is the explanation.

The motor in the direct drive is more advanced and has no need for amplification. The force feedback is stronger and more detailed than the gear and belt-driven wheels.

Direct drive is the most expensive option is racing wheels. They can cost you around $1000 for the cheapest. And if you want all the way up, you have to spend several thousand dollars. Beginners cannot have a great experience with these wheels because the complexity takes a lot of time to get used to. Mid-level players can opt for this option if they have a higher budget. End of the day, expert players always look for high functionality, and this direct drive is for them.


Why are racing wheels so expensive right now?

Since the racing wheels are made of tough materials and advanced technology, the price of the wheels is high. The more you play, the higher quality you will get. So the reason for the high pricing is now apparent.

How much does the best racing wheel cost?

As we explained, the cost hinges on quality. If you want to get a budget-friendly wheel, then you need to spend at least $200. Also, if you wish for a really good wheel, then it will cost up to $500.

Do racing wheels make a difference?

The real world is different from the simulation. However, new technology always tries to connect with the real world. A racing wheel gives you a driving experience, but you will have a different from real-world driving.

What is the point of a racing wheel?

A racing wheel is designed to provide a realistic driving experience. If you are enthusiastic about car racing or learning to drive, then investing in the racing wheel is worth it. Given the racing driving experience is the main selling point of the manufacturer.

Final Words

After walking through the article, you must understand why are racing wheels so expensive. We have also provided the price range query among different racing wheel types so that you can decide your level and invest in the right wheel. The price of the wheels entirely depends on the mechanism used internally. The high-quality wheels provide a realistic feel. If you want to enjoy the real racing speed and thrill, then investing in the racing wheel will be worth it.

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