What Wheels Interchange With The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most renowned sport utility vehicles or SUVs around the world. It is unique from other jeeps because of its solidity, durability, capability, and speed. People often want to develop its capacity by interchanging wheels.

Are you planning for interchanging wheels with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but don’t have any clue about wheels? Don’t worry. Because I am going to discuss “What wheels interchange with the Jeep Grand Cherokee” in this article.

What is a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The famous “Jeep” company manufactures Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. These cars are midsize vehicles that offer greater power, speed, and space than other SUVs. Let’s explore other features of this car:

  • Size:  Jeep Grand Cherokee cars are usually of medium size
  • Space capacity: Jeep Grand Cherokee cars have ample space for a luxurious interior. At least five passengers can sit comfortably.
  • Cargo hold: One can fold the rear seats to have a more spacious cargo hold that is about 68.3 cubic feet.
  • Power and speed: The power and speed of the Jeep Grand Cherokee are also impressive. A 3.6-liter V6 engine empowers the base trim of the car. It provides 295 horsepower.
  • Technology and safety: Jeep Grand Cherokee features advanced technology. The auto compatibility of the car ensures the safety of the drivers and passengers. There are blind-spot monitors to assist the drivers.
  • Starting price:  The starting price begins from$34,000. 

What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee?

One can interchange wheels from another car to a Jeep Grand Cherokee if the wheel size and other features match with the Jeep. Almost all the Jeep Grand Cherokee uses wheels of 17 inches. The latest models feature various wheel sizes.  One can see 18-inch/ 20-inch wheels in these latest versions.

The Wrangler series such as JK & JL Wrangler also use tires of 17 inches. In contrast, The YJ Wrangler & TJ Wrangler use 15-16 inch tires. Usually, the older and latest versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s wheel size match the Wrangler series. However, the stock wheels will be ideal for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

For your better understanding, I have mentioned some wheels that one can interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ:

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Model nameWheel’s size
Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ15-16 inch
Jeep Wrangler JK/JL17-18 inch
Jeep J series15 inches
Wagoneer15 inches
Grand Cherokee ZJ15 inches
Jeep Liberty KK/KJ16-18 inch
Cherokee KL17-18 inches
Jeep gladiator17-18 inches
Wrangler JK17-18 inches

If you are still confused about what type of wheel fits your Jeep, you can communicate with a professional.

Can You Interchange Jeep Wheels?

People want to interchange wheels with other vehicles for various reasons. But this is not all about changing wheels. There are several factors one should examine before interchanging the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s wheels to keep the performance intact.

It is not a big deal to match the wheels of a Jeep since they come in the same size. But one can see significant variances in bolt designs, rim sizes, and other parts of the SUVs. The differences in these parts will change the overall performance level of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, one has to match wheel size, rim size, and bolt pattern before interchanging wheels with Jeep Grand Cherokee.

What is the bolt pattern on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

One of the most confusing topics for car enthusiasts is what is the bolt pattern on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Bolt Pattern refers to the number of holes for the bolt and the diameter of the bolt circles. Different series of jeep grand Cherokee feature different bolt patterns. Most Jeep Grand Cherokees have four to five bolts that grip wheels.

There are similarities in bolt patterns in TJ, CJ, JK, JL, and YJ models. So, one needs to know which bolt pattern suits your wheels before changing wheels. For instance, the bolt pattern of the Jeep Grand Cherokee between 1993 and 1998 is 5×4.5 inches. The later models use a 5×5 inch bolt pattern. The current models also use the same pattern. One can measure the bolt patterns by tightening the lug nuts in a criss-cross manner. But one must re-torque lug nuts after the first 25 miles and at a 100-mile interim.

What rims fit the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The rim size of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has changed over time. Before 2007, every model offered one or two rim options. But after 2007, all Jeep Grand Cherokees offers 3 rim options that are 17, 18, and 20 inches. So, before interchanging wheels with Jeep Grand Cherokee, one must look into the rim size if it suits your models of the SUVs. One can find out the rim size on the right side of the tire, tagged as “R.” I have provided some rim specifications below:

YearRim’s DiameterRim’s WidthRim Offset
2005 – 201017 — 22  7.5 — 10  30 — 50  
2010 – 201317 — 22  8 — 11  40  —  56.4  
2013 – 201817 — 22  8 — 11  40  —  56.4  

What Other Vehicles Will Jeep Wheels Fit?

It is difficult to match wheels from other vehicles for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because they are often dissimilar from one another. Thus, you cannot interchange wheels from other regular vehicles for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is especially true for the latest models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

But the older series of Jeep Grand Cherokee is interchangeable with vehicles, such as Mercury, Ford, and Lincoln. In this case, you must check the bolt pattern. If the size of the wheels is similar but the bolt pattern is different, your whole attempt will go in vain.

However, it is important to note that experts don’t suggest using the wheels of other vehicles for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Are Jeep and Ford wheels interchangeable?

Jeep and Ford are unique since they offer unbeatable performance. Different types of driving or surface types can not hamper the performance of these cars. However, you cannot exchange the wheels of the Jeep and Ford.

Will Jeep Wrangler rims fit Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, Jeep Wrangler rims will flawlessly fit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. You don’t need any modifications in interchanging Jeep Wrangler rims with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Because both have almost similar designs and configurations.

Will Gladiator wheels fit Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes, Gladiator wheels will fit Jeep Grand Cherokee. Though Gladiator wheels are ideal for Jeeps, they are also suitable for Jeep Grand. Cherokee. One will need a Rubicon Takeoff to interchange the wheels with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Because Gladiator Rubicon wheels and Jeep Grand Cherokee’s wheels are similar. You will find ‘Rubicon Takeoff’ in any local marketplace.

Final verdict

The word “Interchange” is a familiar word when it comes to vehicles. People often interchange different parts of vehicles with one another. But the Jeep Grand Cherokee is costly and is a great recreation for many people.

Since all people do not have the same financial capability, it is really difficult to buy new wheels every time. Thus, they often look for interchanging wheels from their other cars. But it needs some calculations to interchange wheels with a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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