When to Replace the Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboards are always the way to have fun in the street or park. People use this moving board for communication purposes also. But, after using it for a few days, the wheels of the skateboard start to lose their shape and uniformity. So, when to replace the skateboard wheels

Kids to youth love to skate with their skateboards, and different types of skateboards are available in the market. But, there is a problem with losing the wheel shape after using the boards for a certain time. 

In this article, you will get to know about the importance of replacing skateboard wheels and when to change them. Again, the swapping method of the wheels will also be there with some FAQs. Let’s start and explore more about skateboard wheels. 

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last?

It depends on the roads and the wheels’ build quality. If you are going on a tough road, the skateboard wheels may get cone-shaped sooner. After this deformation of the wheels, you may face the irregular speed of your skateboard.

But, the parading period of the skateboard wheels symmetrically swaps the wheels depending on the quality of the wheels. Moreover, if it has decent build quality, it will last 4-5 months, at least without swapping the wheels. But you will start facing changes in two months. The tough roads are always a problem for the wheels of a skateboard.

Why Change/Replace Skateboard Wheels?

You may ask why it is important to change or replace skateboard wheels. When your skateboard wheels start to lose their shape, you can’t ride over them comfortably. Most of the time, people face accidental issues when the skateboard wheels lose their shape. After using it for a long time, the skateboard bearings also show jamming issues.

In that case, the riders get stuck and eventually cause an accident. And, for the new skateboard rider, it’s very dangerous to skate with an imperfect skateboard. So, changing the skateboard wheel is necessary when it’s time. You need to pay attention to the wheel condition every day before and after riding so that you can figure out the changing time. There are many signs to make you sure about your skateboard wheels’ changing/replacement time. 

When to Replace Skateboard Wheels

So, when do you think that you should replace your skateboard wheel? There is no perfect time to replace the wheels of the skateboard, though you can look at the condition of the wheels, and some signs will let you know that it’s time to replace the wheels. Even the best skateboard wheels should also be changed when you see the following signs in your skateboard wheels. 

  1. Look at the wheels, and if you notice the cone shape, you need to change the wheels soon.
  2. If you feel your wheels are not rotating like before, check the wheels’ bearings. If the bearings are not working, then you should change the wheels.
  3. Pay great concern to the wheels’ surface; if you find any irregularity, it’s time to get new wheels. 

How to Increase the Lasting Time of Skateboard Wheels?

It’s a good habit to swap the wheels of your skateboard after two to three weeks, and it will eventually increase the lasting time of the wheels. So, is there any easy way to swap them? Well, you can follow our way of swapping the wheels.

● Swap the top left wheel with the bottom right wheel

Again, you can also symmetrically swap the wheels. Just batch swaps the top one to the bottom and bottom to top. And that’s how you can increase the skateboard wheels’ life. There is another way to make lasting skateboard wheels. You can use a skateboard wheel guard to add extra life to your wheels. 

How to Replace Skateboard Wheels

Changing the skateboard wheel is important if you are willing to have a comfortable ride and know when to change or replace them. But how to replace skateboard wheels on your own? Well, the process is very easy, and you will need to have a wrench in your hand first. 

Step 1: Use the wrench and Open Old Wheel

In this step, you need to use the wrench to open the hexagonal-shaped nuts and be careful about the nuts to avoid losing them. Now carefully pull out the wheel from the skateboard. 

Step 2: Remove the Bearing

Now, you should carefully remove the bearing by pulling it. If the bearings are ok, you can use them with your new wheel and don’t touch the surface of the bearing. A skateboard assembling tool is very good for this kind of work.

Step 3: Set the Bearing

Now, you should set the bearing to your new wheel with care and put the wheel in the skateboard. Make sure that the alignment is perfect for the new wheels.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

Lastly, you need to use the wrench to install the wheel perfectly and repeat this process until you change all of them.

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings

The professionals will suggest you clean the skateboard bearings; you need to know how to do that.

First, you need to pull out the bearings carefully and look at the grime that used to be in your skateboard wheel’s bearing. Keep the bearings in the cleaning solvent and then take the cap off and let the bearing land on a paper towel. You should not spin the bearing to remove the extra solvent from the bearings. Just keep shaking downwards. If you still see some gunk on your bearings, you can use a brush to clean them. After cleaning, you should re-install the bearings in the perfect place. 

Finally, the skateboard wheels with bearings will work like before.


1. How long should the skateboard bearing last?

If you use the skateboard daily, it is good to last for three to four months. Again, it depends on the wheels and bearings’ uses and corrosion. 

2. Are my skateboard wheels good?

You can know it by yourself according to the performance and the lasting time of the wheels. However, the best skateboard comes with the best wheels, and try to pick the best one. 

3. Do skateboard wheels matter?

Yes, skateboard wheels matter when you are using them not only for having fun but also because you are communicating with them. So, check the wheel quality before you buy a skateboard for yourself. 

4. Why It’s Important to Have Skateboard Wheels Guard?

To increase the skateboard wheel life, it’s important to have or install guards for them. It will protect the wheels from destroying or deforming so fast. 

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood when to replace skateboard wheels and much more interesting and important information about skateboard wheels. However, while riding on a skateboard, don’t forget to pay attention to the safety issues. 

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