What are Premium Wheels?

Alloy and steel are the two most used wheels for cars. These wheels are durable and stronger. However, manufacturers can often offer the user to buy premium wheels for maximum advantages. Then the first question would be, what are premium wheels?

When a regular alloy wheel is redesigned with chrome plating, it is called a premium wheel. Usually, the premium wheel is bigger and stronger than a standard wheel. And the manufacturer asks to pay more bucks for a premium wheel

This guide will discuss the premium wheel meaning and the differences between alloy and premium wheels. So, let’s go through the next section.

How do I Recognize a Premium Wheel?

Generally, premium wheels exist with an attractive look. So, the outlook is the first way to recognize a premium wheel. Besides, using a magnet can prove that your wheel is a premium wheel as the premium wheel is made of aluminum and magnesium, so it doesn’t attract the magnet. If a magnet can attract the wheel, then that is a steel wheel. Otherwise, it is a premium wheel.

What is the difference between alloy and premium wheels?

Although a premium wheel is made with a regular alloy wheel, there have some differences between these. Put that all premium wheel is alloy wheels. But not all alloy wheels are premium wheels. Let’s know the core differences between alloy wheels vs premium wheels.

DifferencesAlloy wheelPremium wheel
VersionRegular aluminum wheelUpgrade version of an alloy wheel
Materialblend of aluminum and nickelMade with 60% alloy and 40% magnesium
DurabilityDurable enough to endure regular pressureDurable more than a regular alloy wheel
StrengthIt is standard in strength for all conditionStronger than a standard alloy wheel because of the chrome plating
SizeAvailable in different sizesIt is always bigger than a regular alloy wheel
PriceIt is more affordable than a premium wheelA premium wheel is more expensive than a regular alloy wheel.
WeightThe alloy wheel is heavier than the premium wheelPremium wheel is lighter than alloy wheel
AccelerationIt can’t increase Acceleration and braking like a premium wheelThe premium wheel is good for increasing the Acceleration and braking rate

Moreover, there has a difference in color, hardness, malleability, electrical conductivity, and melting point between these two types of wheels.

Benefits of Using a Premium Wheel

Here are some notable benefits of using a premium wheel. These benefits will help make you more clear about alloy and premium wheel differences.


The lower the car’s weight, the less fuel is required for it. We already know that premium wheels are lighter than alloy wheels. So, it doesn’t add any extra weight to the car weight. So, a car with a premium wheel is a good option for fuel saving.

High-Temperature Strength

A premium wheel is stronger than an alloy because of the 60% aluminum and 40% magnesium material with raw material built.


A premium wheel is good for fuel-saving, but it can also increase the speed. Besides, it provides less pressure on car or bike suspensions. Do note that premium wheels are mostly used with racing cars and motorbikes.

Good for engine life

We mentioned that the premium wheel is lightweight that gives lower pressure on the mounted motor of a car engine. As a result, it increases the lifespan and efficiency of a car engine.

Beautiful appearance

Premium wheels are more appealing in design. If you want to increase your car’s beauty and get a quality wheel, a premium wheel is the best option.

Drawbacks of premium wheel

Here are some drawbacks of a premium wheel that will help you decide on the premium wheel.

It doesn’t last long

Sadly, the premium wheel doesn’t last long on rough terrain. This wheel may break on rough terrain. But the repair cost is also high. Despite having high-temperature tolerance, a premium wheel is not longer-lasting.


Premium wheels tend to break down with cleaning agents. So, it isn’t easy to retain a premium wheel’s aesthetic beauty and durability.


What do premium wheels mean?

Premium wheel means the upgraded version of a standard alloy wheel. A traditional alloy wheel got turned into a premium wheel when a chrome plate was applied to surround it. Premium wheels come with an attractive appearance. Most importantly, it is larger, stronger, and lighter.

What’s the difference between premium and alloy wheels?

There have several differences between a premium and an alloy wheel. The alloy wheel has a traditional appearance, but the premium wheel is reputed for its beautiful appearance. After then, a premium wheel is more durable and stronger than an alloy wheel. Moreover, the premium wheel is lightweight and can increase the Acceleration and braking rate.

What are the three types of wheels?

The alloy wheel, steel wheel, and forged wheel are the most used three types of wheels. Besides, split or rim wheels have been getting popular in recent years.

  • The alloy wheel is the most common in the market. It is fairly light but more expensive than a steel wheel.
  • A steel wheel is a bit heavier than an alloy wheel, and it is more affordable than the alloy wheel
  • Forged or melting metal wheel is a less expensive, lighter, and fairly good performer for car

What type of wheels is the strongest?

Some wheels are made from forging aluminum, known as the strongest wheel. This wheel is made from crushing metal with high-end temperature and about 900 bars of pressure. As a result, this wheel turns into the strongest dense wheel.

Closing thoughts

Hopefully, you have already understood what premium wheels are. Premium wheel is an ideal choice for sports cars and motorbikes on the soother highway. This wheel is durable, stronger, useful, and appealing to see. But it also has some drawbacks. If you can handle fewer drawbacks, then this premium wheel would be great.

If there have further queries about a premium wheel, then let us know. We are happy to inform you of our research and user experiences.

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