How to Make Your Skateboard Wheels Faster?

Skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports among young sports enthusiasts around the world. The amusement of a balanced standing on a small yet fast wheel will attract you to this sport repeatedly. But many people get their skateboard wheels slower after some rides. Are you facing the same problem? Don’t worry. Because I am going to discuss “How to make Skateboard wheels faster.”

Wheels are a vital component of skateboarding. The faster wheels double the excitement of this sport. Thus, players usually prefer faster wheels for skateboarding. But the wheels often can get slow for various reasons. The slower wheels not only ruin the performance of the players but also the excitement of the sport. Most often, players can neither fix the problem nor carry out playing with slower wheels.

So, let’s explore the reasons why the wheels can get slow and “How to make Skateboard wheels faster.” Besides, I will give answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What is Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a recreational sport. “America” is the origin of skateboarding. California surfers first introduced this sport during the 1940s. But soon, it has become popular globally, especially in European countries. This sport is popular among the young generation aged between 13 and 24.

In this sport, players show off their tricks and diverse movements on skateboard wheels. The sport is all about how the players balance the wheels for different maneuvers.

There are various kinds of skateboarding. But the most famous ones are Vert skateboarding and street skateboarding. Players use wooden surfaces in Vert skateboarding. In contrast, players use any type of flat surfaces such as streets, and parking lots for street skateboarding. However, skateboarding is one of four new sports that will be played in the Olympics in 2024.

Why do Skateboard wheels get slow?

People rarely understand why their wheels are getting slow. They use degreasing products such as WD-40 to make wheels faster. Often, this trick works. But if the problem lies in another factor, this trick will go in vain. So, it is crucial to know the reasons why the wheels can get slow. I have discussed some of the common reasons below:

  • Over tight wheels: Wheels need some space for flexible movement. If you tighten the wheels more than it needs to, the space reduces. Thus, the wheels can’t run faster.
  • Dirty bearings: Players use different types of surfaces for skateboarding. Depending on the surface type, the wheels, and bearings get dirty. Dust and other dirty substances can grease the internal parts of the wheels. Dirty bearings often produce heat that can lead to tearing. So, the dirty bearings hinder the faster movement of the wheels.
  • Wheel type: There are various types of skateboard wheels. Each wheel is suitable for a certain terrain type, performance level, and weight. If you have wheels that are not suitable for your playing ground and playing style, then it can get slow.
  • Condition of the truck: New trucks have less maneuver capacity for turning. However, you can fix the problem after several trials. Tight trucks provide greater balance while you are on the board, but the loose truck is difficult to control.

How to make skateboard wheels faster?

I have mentioned some reasons why one’s wheel gets slower. When people get their wheels slower than before, most often they think of buying a new board. But one can make Skateboard wheels go faster by following some easy tips. Let’s find out how to make Skateboard wheels faster.

Clean Skateboard Bearings and Wheels

To make your skateboard wheels roll faster, clean the wheels and bearings. If you use the board almost every day, then clean the wheels and bearing once a week. Otherwise, clean it at least once a month. You will see a significant difference in the performance of the wheels after the cleaning. The super faster wheels will provide you with a soothing ride.

Cleaning the Bearings and wheel

  • Remove the wheels and bearings from the skateboard
  • Make a cleaning solvent. Make sure you are using good cleaners.
  • Dip the bearings and wheels in a bowl that is half-filled with cleaning solutions.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to wash the bearings and wheels
  • Let the bearings and wheels dry
  • Drop 1 to 2 drops of bearing lubricant on the bearings. Lubricates help to smoothen the bearings by reducing friction.
  • Wipe out the excess lubricant with a soft cotton

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t use a degreaser such as WD-40 to clean the bearings. It will make the bearings more prone to rust.
  • Make sure the wheels are completely dry before setting the bearings

Check the Axle Nuts

If the wheels do not get faster even after cleaning, focus on the Axle Nuts of the skateboard. Pre-built skateboards are often over-tight. Sometimes, players also tighten the nuts to avoid accidents. It ultimately resists the wheels going faster. So, if you have a Pre-built skateboard, loosen the nuts as you need. It will make the wheels go faster. Besides, you need less energy to run it.

Use High-Quality Wheels and bearings

If you do not get the desired speed by following the previous two methods, then change the wheels and bearings. Low-quality wheels get slower after some trials. Urethane-built wheels are a good option in this regard. You will feel a world of difference. The sturdy construction of the wheel resists compressing inside. Thus, it can run faster.

 However, if you have a budget issue, change the bearings only. Some bearings come with a metallic construction and others have ceramic construction. Ceramic bearings have less abrasion. They are also durable and get cool in a short time. So, they can make the skateboard wheels go faster than those metallic bearings.

Use Bigger and harder wheels

Small wheels have less radius and perimeter. So that they spin fast but can’t go far. In contrast, larger wheels have a bigger radius and perimeter. They can easily go further within a short time than smaller ones. So, look for bigger wheels to make your skateboard wheels faster.

On the other hand, soft wheels generate more heat by crushing against the road. So, they can’t run faster. But harder wheels reflect energy. Because they do not soak up vibration from the surface and can go faster. It is beneficial to look for a higher durometer while buying a faster disc.

Getting More Aerodynamic

Use the air to make the skateboard wheels faster. If you skate against the wind’s direction, the wind will slow down the wheels by pushing them backward. But if you direct the skateboard towards the wind direction, the wind will help the wheels to go faster. Make sure, the wind is not too strong for you to control the board.

Choose suitable terrain

In the rough and bumpy terrain, the wheels can’t go faster. If your preference is faster riding, then choose smooth terrain for skating. Smooth streets, roadsides, and parking lots are some options in this consideration. Moreover, you can skate directly on smooth terrain. Straight skating is also convenient for the skateboard wheels to go faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tight Should Skateboard Wheels Be?

One should tighten the wheels of the Skateboard in a way that the wheels can spin freely. To understand if you need to tighten or loosen the wheels, you can test the wheels by following the below steps:

  • Put the skateboard on a flat ground
  • rotate the wheel with your hand as fast as possible
  • Stop rotating the wheels after 10 to 20 seconds

If the wheels stop rotating within two seconds, then you need to loosen the wheels. But how much you tighten the wheels depends on your personal preference. In contrast, if you see the wheels can’t grip the surface properly and are excessively loosened, then you need to tighten the nuts.

When Should I Replace My Skateboard Wheels?

If you don’t find the expected speed from the wheels after following the above-mentioned tips, you can replace the existing wheels with a new one. Besides, if the wheels have become defective, you should immediately replace the skateboard wheels.

What skateboard wheels are the fastest?

Skateboard wheels are of various kinds depending on surface and performance levels. However, Bones STF V3 is the fastest skateboard wheel regardless of surface type. The bony wheel ensures nominal friction against the ground. Thus, it features less resistance while providing the players with greater speed.


There is no doubt skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports. But it is disappointing to skate with slower wheels. Unfortunately, some players do not even know the reasons why their wheels can get slower and how to handle this problem. Thus, they often look for new wheels. But this is not the ultimate solution. Because a similar problem appears after several months.

Thus, I have explored the reasons why your skateboard wheels can get slower and how to make your skateboard wheels faster again. I believe you have found the article helpful.

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