How To Clean Roller Skate Wheels?

Do you like roller-skating around your town or your roller team? Then I think you know it becomes dirty after skating. So before sliding with your favorite roller, you have to know how to clean roller skate wheels?

Roller skates are getting a little dirty for indoor or outdoor purposes. You cannot skate well without cleaning it properly, and it may happen in an accident. 

Many people do not know the proper cleaning system for roller skating. Let’s read this article where I explain how you can adequately clean roller skate wheels.

How to clean roller skate wheels?

To prevent the build-up of debris and grime that creates problems when you are ready for performance. Sometimes dirt makes skate wheels grungy and makes them look uncared. So it’s time to take care of your skate. A proper guideline will help you to clean skate wheels. Follow the steps that are given below. You may think about how to clean skateboard wheels without removing them. It is easy to wash at home. 

  • Use dawn dish soap and water to wash skate wheels. 
  • If your wheels come with metal cores, dry them first. 
  • Make sure all the wheels of the roller skate become dry.
  • To make wheels dry, you may use a hairdryer. 

How to clean roller skate wheel bearings?

How to Clean Roller Skate Wheels The most important thing to remember when you start cleaning your roller skates is that you do not want any amount of water to get into your bearings. Similar to skateboard bearings, roller skate bearings are small, circular pieces of metal inside the wheel that allow the wheels to roll freely. If water comes into contact with them, then they can rust and slow your ride. So when you are cleaning your wheels, it’s important to remove the bearings from the wheels entirely.

Do you want to know how to clean wheel bearings on roller skates? Then you have to follow some steps to separate bearings from roller skate.

Step1- separate bearing

Are you confused about how to clean inside of a roller skate? It is easy to work to separate bearings from skates. You need a wrench to remove the bearings nut. You can use a ratchet, multifunction, or socket wrench to turn nut counter clocks until it comes off.

Step2-Use bearing remover

Are you wondering about how to remove bearings from roller skate wheels? To terminate the bearing, use a roller skate cleaning machine where you will find all remover tools. Pull the wheels off and place them on a flat work surface. Now press the back of the handle button remover on your bearings and remove it by inserting the tip of the tool. Now lock the bearing remover and before doing it, release the button and pull it to remove your skate bearing.

Step3-Clean Skate bearings

To clean the skate bearing, first, hold it and wipe it with another hand to remove the grime. To remove the grime surface, you must use a soft cloth and paper. Please don’t use any soap to clean your bearing.

For deep cleaning of bearings, please use grease cleaning solvent or acetone. Swirl the bearings for around five to ten minutes in the solvent. Please use hand gloves when you wet the bearings in the grease-cleaning solvent. 

Place your skate bearings on a paper towel to dry them carefully. And spray air to make the bearings dry. You can use lubricants like motor oil, cooking oil, or any other that create stickiness. For a smooth roll, you can use lubricants.

Step 4: Dry the skate wheels When you are done cleaning skate wheels, dry them with a new towel or some tissues. Then, lay down a piece of tissue and set the wheels on top of it to air dry. If you skip this step, moisture will remain in the wheels and bearings, leading to other problems like rust.

Can you wash roller skate wheels?

Buy a roller skate cleaning kit to clean the wheels perfectly. Maybe you are thinking about how to clean roller skate bearing at home without a kit. Ok, let me tell you the process of skate cleaning. 

  • Ensure please that your skate wheels are made from metal. If it is a metal product, then don’t soak them. Take a piece of cloth or towel to remove debris.
  • Use water and soap with non-metal wheels and soak them for five to ten minutes.
  • Wipe the soapy water thoroughly and clean with a towel to dry them.

Can you clean roller skate wheels with alcohol?

You certainly can. You should use isopropyl alcohol. It is best to use those with high concentrations, like 91 to 99 percent. How often should you clean roller skate wheels? We recommend cleaning them each time you skate. Regardless of whether you are skating inside or outside, your skates are bound to pick up some dirt, dust, and debris when you skate. Thus, it is a good idea to wipe them down and prevent them from accumulating filth.

How to clean inside of roller skate?

skateboard wheels

Do you know how to clean wheels and bearings of a roller skate? Do you search for deep cleaning of roller skates? follow the instructions

  • Use skate tools to remove the nut from the wheels for deep cleaning. To remove the nut, you have to use ½ inches tools. 
  • Separate the wheels from the nut and also remove the bearing.
  • Now take the bowl with warm soapy water and wet a cloth.
  • Scrubs the inside and outside of the wheels.
  • After that use another towel to make the wheels dry.
  • Use a tissue or paper towel to clean the skate bearing. Gently use your fingernail to reach the inside well and rub the bearings. And reattach the bearing with wheels. 
  • After completing all steps now set up your skate wheels.


Q1. How to clean my roller skate wheels?

Ans: You need to clean your skate regularly. It will increase the life span of your bearings and wheels and save you money too. If your skate wheels come out with metal, wash them with acetone or use a grease-cleaning solvent. Usually, you can use soapy water to clean regular skate wheels. Don’t use water to clean metal wheels, as it will make them rust. 

Q2. How to clean luminous wheels?

Ans: To clean the luminous wheel, you can use warm soapy water and a paper towel to dry them carefully. Luminous wheels are great to use outdoors. Luminous wheels light up in the dark because they have dynamo in the middle of the wheels and bearings as well as a sandwiched that makes them light up. 

Q3. How often should I clean my roller skate bearings?

Ans: Once every two to three months, you must clean your roller skate and bearings. It depends on the weather and skating. Sometimes it is needed to clean regularly. 

Final Thought

Above, I explained how to clean roller skate wheels. You must clean your roller skate for their life span and always make them shiny. 

Regular cleaning of skate can save you money too. Because dirt and gunk make your skate damaged and slippery, your bearing also slows down. So for lasting bearings, you might clean your wheels and bearings. Dripping a small amount of lubricant or deep cleaning makes your wheels and bearings healthy. And as a skate lover, you can enjoy fast skating on your outside and indoors. Remember, after cleaning, dry wheels and bearing very well. Otherwise, wet makes them rust.

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