The Best Jam Skate Wheels Review 2023.

Wheels are the most crucial factor in Jam skating. The better the wheels, the better maneuvering one will have. Are you looking for the best wheels for Jam Skating? Then go through this article to get the best Jam Skate wheels.

Jam skating is a tricky form of skating. It includes gymnastics, dance and skating at a time. The most exciting thing about the sport is that one will have to combine all of these things on roller skates. Now you may understand why wheels are the most crucial part of Jam skating. A skater’s overall performance largely depends on the wheels and maneuvering skills. But it is troubling for beginners to find out the best Jam Skate wheels due to lack of experience.

Considering this fact, I have come to review “The Best Jam Skate wheels.” Besides, the readers will be familiar with some other additional issues and answers to some of the frequently asked questions. So, let’s start.

Why Do You Need The Best Jam Skate Wheels?

As aforementioned, wheels are the most vital part of jam skating. So, if a person wants to jam skate, he will need an efficient pair of wheels. Besides, there are various reasons why people need an excellent duo of Jam skate wheels.

  • Smooth movement: Jam skating is all about expressing oneself through versatile moves. Without an efficient pair of wheels, there will be no limits of hassles for a skater to move. The more excellent the wheels are, the more articulate and flawless the moves will be.
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Indoor and outdoor jam skating wheels are different from each other in terms of surface, narrowness, softness and shock-absorbing capacity. If a skater buys a pair of indoor wheels but runs it on outdoor surfaces, the wheels won’t deliver their best performance. An appropriate pair of wheels can significantly boost one’s performance.
  • Customizable options: People can also customize the jam skate wheels based on their preferences. However, it is especially true for professional/ expert skaters.

Different Types of Jam Skate Wheels

One will find a variety of options in jam skate wheels. Some wheels are suitable for outdoor skating, while others are ideal for indoors. Therefore, it is crucial to decide which types of wheels you want. I have mentioned the key differences between outdoor and indoor wheels for the reader’s convenience. Let’s have a look.

  • Outdoor Jam Skate Wheels:

Outdoor skating wheels are designed to absorb the vibration from bumpy grounds to leave the rider more comfortable. Softness is a signature characteristic of these wheels. Moreover, these wheels are comparatively taller and wider, allowing the rider to have greater control over the skate.

  • Indoor Jam Skate Wheels:

Indoor jam skating wheels are appropriate for rigid yet even surfaces. Narrowness and hardness are the key features of these indoor wheels. Moreover, they provide less grip or traction. So, the rider can flawlessly take sharp turns without any trouble.

Our Top Picks

1. Best Indoor Jam skate wheels: TOBWOLF 8 Pack Indoor Quad Jam Skate Wheels

“It is one of the most impressive wheels one will find.”

2. Best outdoor Jam Skate Wheels: Bont Skates BPM 4 pack Quad Roller Skate

“The item features 78A hardness that significantly reduces vibration on any outdoor grounds.”

3. Best lightweight Jam skate Wheels: Radar Energy 57 Quad Skate Wheels

“The small, lightweight wheels can roll on faster than others.”

4. Best LED Light Wheels: Nezylaf 8 Pack Roller Skate Wheels

“The LED lights become brighter with faster spin.”

5. Best Indoor Recreational Wheels: RollerBones Team Logo 101A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels

“The indoor wheels are super easy to slide, affordable and durable.”

6. Best Grip Wheels: Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels

“The wheels allow higher grip to give more control.”

7. Another Luminous Light wheel: NICODASHEN Luminous Light Roller Skate Wheels

“Make nights adventurous with the Luminous Lights wheels.”

8. Best speed skate wheels: Sure-Grip Twister Wheels

“The tiny ridges in the exterior agitate speed.”

9. Best Classic Wheels: VNLA Vanilla Up Rock Classic Wheels

“The Aluminum hub will impress the skater with higher speed.”

10. Best Durable Wheels: CLAS FOX 95A Roller Skate Wheels

“The Urethane and Aluminum construction endures the wheels for a long time.”

Best Jam Skate wheels review

Here is my candid review of the best Jam Skate wheels. This section will inform readers about the top 10 best Jam Skate wheels with advantages and drawbacks. So, let’s explore the best wheels.

TOBWOLF Jam Skate Wheels is one of the most impressive wheels, one will find. The lucrative combination of red and black outlook, durable construction, and precise hardness is perfect for any indoor jam skating. The pair of wheels are super easy to control with great response. The competition-quality wheels balance speed and control without interrupting the flexibility of the skater.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 58mm x 39mm
  • Item weight: ‎0.91 Kilograms
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Hardness: 95A
  • Bearing: ABEC-9 Bearing
  • Color: Black

Key features:

  • The polyurethane construction provides precise grip and speed.
  • The wheels have a hardness of 95A, making them excellent for gliding on any hard yet smooth surface.
  • The wheels feature ABEC 9 bearings and spacers. Since the bearings are pre-installed, consumers won’t face any difficulties in installing them.
  • The oversized edge of the hub is convenient for facile stops and quick response.


  • The construction is durable.
  • No installation hassle.
  • 95A hardness provides enough traction.


Bont has long been an enduring name in the field of skating. It is globally known for its premium quality skating accessories. However, this model from Bont is nothing exceptional. It is an excellent pair of wheels for outdoor Jam Skating. The item features 78A hardness that significantly reduces vibration on outdoor grounds such as sidewalks, asphalt, and boardwalks.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 62mm x 35mm
  • Item weight: ‎0.38 Kilograms
  • Wheel Material: Urethane
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Bearing: 608
  • Color: Gamma Blue

Key features:

  • The 78A hardness absorbs shocks and vibrations, giving the skater additional flexibility.
  • The 62mm diameter wheels roll quicker on rough surfaces
  • The narrower 35mm width of the wheels is ideal for versatile moves
  • Urethane construction is durable


  • The wheels allow a smooth and stable skating experience.
  • It is durable.
  • Affordable


  • Bearings are not included.

Are you looking for a nice pair of lightweight wheels for skating? Just Grab this one. The 31 mm x 57 mm wheels will not disappoint you. The small wheels roll on faster while ensuring outstanding traction on any outdoor surface. Moreover, the 78A hardness provides the skater with comfort against the vibration from the ground.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 31 mm x 57 mm
  • Item weight: ‎ 0.29 Kilograms
  • Wheel Material: Urethane
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Color: ‎Clear Blue

Key features:

  • The small wheels can roll faster on any outdoor surface.
  • The 78A hardness absorbs the shock for smooth skating.
  • The urethane construction is durable to survive any damage.
  • The Micro hub is highly responsive.
  • The item is not suitable for children under 12 years.


  • The wheels provide excellent spinning with higher stability.
  • It is durable.
  • The outlook of the wheels is so soothing.
  • Affordable.


  • The wheels are available in one color.

Love to skate at night? Then, Nezylaf has got you. Like other wheel models on the list, it also comes with eight-piece wheels. Each of them contains LED lights. The attractive feature is that the LED light becomes brighter as the skater spins the wheels faster. Another excellent aspect is that this one is suitable for indoor and outdoor skating.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 32 x 58mm
  • Item weight: ‎ 0.89 Kilograms
  • Wheel Material: silicone
  • Bearings: 608 RS high-speed rotating bearing
  • Hardness: 78A

Key features:

  • The item comes with eight pieces of wheels
  • Each wheel features an LED light
  • The double-row wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor skating
  • The wheels have a hardness of 78A that absorbs shocks quickly.
  • 608RS high-speed rotating bearing allows the skater to have a noiseless, smooth-spinning
  • An exclusive anti-stick compound decreases friction to provide consistent sliding


  • LED lights are perfect for night skating.
  • Anti-stick compound along with 78A hardness provides faster skating with stability.
  • Wheels come with all necessary accessories


  • The wheels are heavier.

This time I have come up with another world-famous brand for skating accessories. That is RollerBones. The brand is famous for its wheel’s durability, agility, and impressive stability. Team Logo 101A Wheels by RollerBones is an excellent addition to the brand’s collection. The wheels are available in six mesmerizing colors. Besides, the indoor wheels are super easy to slide, affordable, and durable.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 57mm
  • Item weight: ‎ 0.5 Kilograms
  • Bearings: 608
  • Hardness: 101A
  • Color: ‎ Pink

Key features:

  • The wheels have a medium hardness of 101A.
  • It offers a higher grip, giving the skater greater control.
  • It is ideal for any jam, recreational and artistic skating
  • The construction of high rebounds is durable


  • It is suitable for taking hard turns and twists.
  • 101A is ideal for smooth rolling with more excellent traction.
  • Affordable.


  • It is a bit noisy.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheels is another excellent jam skating wheel for outdoors. As the name suggests, the wheels allow a higher grip to give the skater more control. So, the skater will have faster yet stable spinning no matter how bumpy the surface is. That’s why this model is primarily popular with entry-level skaters.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 65mm
  • Item weight: ‎ 0.73 Kilograms
  • Wheel’s material: Polyurethane
  • Hardness: 78A
  • Color: ‎ Black

Key features:

  • The wheels have 78A hardness that ensures speed and stability simultaneously.
  • The wheels are durable due to Polyurethane construction.
  • The product is suitable for outdoor skating.
  • The wheels come in 8 packs.


  • It is available in 9 colors
  • The wheels offer an outstanding grip
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent shock-absorbing capacity


  • The actual colors of the wheels are a bit different from the picture.

NICODASHEN Luminous Light Roller Skate Wheels is the second model of wheels that features luminous light. Another advantage is that it features 82A hardness. That means the wheels have higher traction. So, the skater can enjoy smooth spinning. Besides, the 32mm x 58mm wheels provide the skater with a higher speed. Again, with the durable Urethane construction, a person can use these wheels for a long time.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 32mm x 58mm
  • Item weight: ‎ 0.93 Kilograms
  • Wheel’s material: Urethane
  • Hardness: 82A
  • Bearings: 608
  • Color: ‎ Black

Key features:

  • The wheels are perfect for indoor and outdoor jam skating
  • 82A hardness offers higher traction on any surface
  • The wheels feature RGB light colors.
  • The material of the wheels is durable Urethane.


  • Luminous Lights are convenient for night skating
  • Small wheels are perfect for fast spinning
  • No need for any battery


  • Some users have complained about the nuts
  • The wheels are heavy

Here is another indoor Jam skating wheel by Sure-Grip. This item is precisely suitable for slippery indoor surfaces. No matter how polished the ground is, one will be able to stand with these wheels. There are tiny ridges in the exterior of the wheels that are convenient for agitating speed, while the 95A hardness will provide the skater with a higher grip. The package comes with eight wheels. Each wheel is 62mm tall and 42mm wide.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 62mm x 42mm
  • Wheel’s material: Urethane
  • Hardness: 95A
  • Color: ‎ Multi-color

Key features:

  • The skating wheels are ideal for slick indoor surfaces
  • The 95A hardness of the wheels provides an incredible grip on the surface.
  • The item is available in eight different colors
  • The material of the wheels is Urethane
  • The small ridges are convenient for accelerating speed


  • It is ideal for slippery indoor surface
  • With the tiny ridges, it is easy to enhance the speed
  • The 95A hardness of the wheels provides sufficient grip


  • It doesn’t come with bearings.

If you are a regular jam skater, then this one will be a charm for you. The material of the wheels’ hub is Aluminum, which transfers all the power to the wheels. The outcome is incredible speed.

Because of the increased motion, there is no need to be concerned about grip and traction. The product offers four color options with different hardness. For instance, The Pink, red and black one has 95A hardness while the blue one has 92A hardness. With all of these lucrative features, it is another excellent option for indoor jam skating.

Product specification:

  • Brand: VNLA
  • Wheel type: Classic Wheels
  • Wheel size: 62mm x 42mm
  • Material of the wheel: Aluminum
  • Hardness: Pink, red-black (95A), blue (92A)

Key features:

  • VNLA Classic Wheels are ideal for jam skating, shuffle skating, and speed skating.
  • The wheel can accommodate either 7mm or 8mm bearings.
  • The item is available in four color options
  • The hardness of the wheels is 92 A.
  • Aluminum hub is durable and energy-efficient


  • Aluminum construction is long-lasting
  • 92A hardness offers more excellent traction, allowing skaters to take sharp turns
  • It is available in 4 colors
  • It is perfect for jam skating, shuffle skating, and speed skating.


  • It doesn’t come with installed bearings

CLAS FOX is one of the most popular brands for producing skating accessories. Its “95A Roller Skate Wheels” is an excellent option for those looking for indoor jam skating. The specialty of the wheels is that they will deliver their best speed on any indoor surface, while the 95A hardness will ensure the skater’s control. The outcome is a speedy skating experience with stability. The durability of the wheels is also impressive. The Urethane and Aluminum construction will make the wheels survive for a long time.

Product specification:

  • Item size: 62mm x 42mm
  • Item weight: 2.43 lbs
  • Wheel’s material: Urethane and Aluminum
  • Hardness: 95A
  • Wheel type: Roller Skating / Roller Blading
  • Color: ‎ golden-black
  • Brand: CLAS FOX

Key features:

  • The 62X42mm roller skate wheels are perfect for indoor skating
  • The narrower width of the wheels helps to take flawless sharp turns
  • The 95A hardness offers enough grip for stability
  • The package comes with eight pieces of wheels


  • The small size of the wheels is convenient for versatile maneuvering
  • 95A hardness offers a sufficient grip for indoor skating
  • Urethane and Aluminum and construction are sturdy


  • The wheels are heavier


There are several factors to look for while purchasing a JAM SKATING WHEELS. Let’s have a look.


It is one of the most crucial factors that shape the performance of the wheels. The higher the hardness level, the easier it is to take sharp turns.  Different models of wheels feature different hardness. Generally, indoor wheels feature higher hardness, while outdoor wheels offer less hardness to absorb the shock and vibration from the ground quickly. For the reader’s convenience, I have mentioned a table below.



78A-82A Softer wheels with a higher shock-absorbing capacity
84A-85A Suitable for all-around use
86A-89A Harder with a better grip
90A-94A Harder and convenient for a sharp turn
95A-100A Hardest and best for jam skating
  • Wheel’s diameter

The smaller the diameter, the faster the wheel will be. In contrast, the wider diameter of the wheels offers control and stability. Before choosing a jam skating wheel, consider what type of performance you prefer.

Generally, 45mm wheels are suitable for freestyle and artistic moves. If a skater wants to buy a pair of wheels for Jam skating, derby, or any artistic moves, it would be beneficial to choose wheels with a diameter between 57mm to 62 mm. Wheels in this diameter range will provide precise control to maintain stability.

Again, if outdoor or long-track speed is the main preference, pick wheels between 65 mm to 70 mm. Because wider diameter wheels are ideal for outdoor skating because of increased shock and vibration from the surfaces.


There are commonly two types of core: Nylon core and Aluminum core. The nylon core is lighter than the Aluminum core. So, it provides the skater with more flexibility. In contrast, Aluminum cores are heavier but durable. It doesn’t feature higher traction. So, the skater can move faster.


  • What kind of wheels are best for jam skating?

Facile maneuvering is the main focus point in jam skating. Therefore, balance and stability become core issues for a jam skater. So, it would be beneficial for a jam skater to look for a wheel with higher softness and width. Wheels with less hardness will provide the skater with a higher shock-absorbing capacity. In contrast, the larger width will enhance control and stability.

  • Can one jam skate in a speed skate?

It is better not to jam in a speed skate. Because there are several differences between jam skate and speed skating. So, if a person jam skates in a speed skate, they won’t get the appropriate speed and arc. It can overall deteriorate one’s performance.

  • How to slow down wheels on a new skate?

Some people tighten the nut axle to slow down the wheels. However, it can over-tighten the wheels and destroy the bearings. So, it is better to exchange the current bearings with slow roll bearings. One can find a significant decrease in the speed of the wheels without damaging the bearings.

Final Thought:

Jam skate is indeed one of the most exciting sports. The accessories play a vital role in the overall performance of Jam skating. Wheels are one of them. So, I have discussed “the best Jam skate wheel.”

After reviewing the top 10 Jam skate wheels, my top pick is Radar Energy 57 Quad Skate Wheels. The wheels of “radar 57” are lightweight. So, the skaters can move flexibly. Moreover, 78A hardness is sufficient to absorb shock and vibration. Moreover, the 57mm width of the wheels will help the skaters to have greater control over the wheels to avoid accidents.

I highlighted the essential aspects of each product along with advantages and disadvantages. I hope you will find the information beneficial while purchasing jam skating wheels.