How To Get Bearings Out Of Skate Wheels?

Honestly, it’s a work of one or two minutes. Take a socket wrench to unscrew the nut that grasps the wheel with the axle. Now hook the skate wheel towards the truck axle and use the axle & leverage to unplug the bearing gently.

There are many skaters out there who end up ruining their bearings while getting them out of the wheels. If you plan to invest in a new one, it’s okay, even if the bearing is deformed. However, if you are prying it just to clean it up, be very cautious and gentle. In our article below, we have highlighted this whole procedure in detail. We have also answered related faqs. So, hang on with us and repair your board to enjoy skating right away! 

How To Get Bearings Out Of Skate Wheels? 

How to change longboard bearings? Is it hard or time-consuming? Honestly, no, it’s pretty easy irrespective of whether you have the skateboard-bearing tools or not. It’s indeed convenient if you have the bearing puller. 

Trust me; you can get the bearings out within minutes, even without tools. You will just require a regular socket wrench, and that’s all! However, be cautious! Don’t take it lightly, as many skaters end up damaging their bearings during this procedure. So, let’s not dilly-dally and check out the step-by-step procedure in detail! 

Untie The Nut On The Axle

  • In order to remove the nut which holds the skate wheels,  you will require a socket from the skateboard tool kit. 
  • You can also go for a usual ½-inches/ 13mm socket or crescent wrench. 
  • Carefully unscrew the nuts and keep them in a safe place.
  • If you plan to replace all the bearings, untie the nuts of four wheels simultaneously.
  • If you plan to repair/clean only the defective bearing, just unscrew the nut of that specific wheel.
  • Professional skate shops use bearing poles for this job.

Slide The Wheel At The Truck Axle 

  • Slide the wheel towards the axle end so that it’s barely hooked to the truck’s axle.
  • The tip of the axle should be hooked inside the bearing. That’s because we will use the axle as a lever to pry the bearings out.
  • Be careful as the axle’s tip shouldn’t be in touch with the wheels.
  • If you already have a bearing puller for skates, just remove the wheels. It’s one of the easiest & quickest ways to get the bearings out of the skate wheels.
  • If there is any spacer in between the bearing & wheel, be sure to remove them & store them in a secured place.

Unplug the Bearing From The Wheel

  • Once the bearing is at the axle’s tip, pry it out through leverage at a downward angle.
  • The motion should be just like when you are opening a water tab or the glass bottle’s cap.
  • The bearing will eventually pop out. 
  • Don’t be too hard on the bearings even if it doesn’t come out immediately. You might end up deforming it. 
  • However, it won’t matter if you plan to replace the bearings anyway. 

Do you have a bearing puller and wondering how to use it instead? Just insert the puller’s tip into the bearing and hook it up with the edges of the bearings. Now, just pull it out, and that’s it!

Pry The Second Bearing As Well

As the first bearing has already come out, I’m sure you have learned the trick indeed. Go for the second bearing of that same wheel and repeat the same tactics. 

If the bearings are out of the skate wheels, you can clean or replace them as per requirements.

How to clean the bearings? 

You will just require a rag and acetone or a regular cleaning solvent for cleaning. However, cleaning won’t be a great option if your bearings are already rusty. 

  • Dampen the rag with water and clear up the visible debris.
  • Take a screwdriver or paper clip to take off the rubber guards. It’s not a mandatory step, but it’s best to remove the guards for thorough cleaning.
  • Now take a glass jar and fill it up with bearing specific solvent. Rubbing alcohol, carburetor cleaner, or lemon juice will also work instead. 
  • Pour the bearings into the solvent and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • Now swirl up the jar to get rid of the build-up dirt.
  • Get the bearings out of the jar and lay them on a towel. Dry them up on both sides as much as possible. In this context, you can also go for a hair dryer or fan to evaporate the moisture.
  • Once the bearings are dry enough, lubricate them thoroughly with motor oil or speed cream.
  • Lastly, put on the rubber guards, and the bearings will function just like a new one.


Why is my skateboard so slow? 

Dust and dirt inside the bearings can cause friction, and it will slow down the skateboard over time. Most skaters don’t even notice the build-up of dirt in their bearings. You don’t really require a classy top-notch bearing. However, cleaning and lubricating them will definitely improve their longevity indeed.

Why is my skateboard so loud? 

I believe the skateboard is loud due to the increased space between the wheels and the bearing. This type of inconvenience may occur if you haven’t replaced the wheels for a prolonged period.

Final Verdict

When you started our content, I bet you were super frustrated about – ‘How to get bearings out of skate wheels?Your favorite skateboard has suddenly become slow. So, such a reaction is totally reasonable indeed. However, I believe you have got the gist to get the bearings out of skate wheels by now. So, get ready with the socket wrenches and clean up/replace the bearing to make your skateboard as fast as the new one.

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