Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Legal?

Quick-release steering wheels are not legal for use on public roads in most countries. These types of steering wheels are designed to be easily removable and are often used in racing or track driving where the driver may need to quickly exit the vehicle. In a normal driving situation, a quick-release steering wheel can pose a safety hazard because it can come loose or detach unexpectedly, potentially leading to a loss of control of the vehicle.

In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has regulations in place that prohibit the use of quick-release steering wheels on vehicles that are intended for use on public roads. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users.

It is worth noting that laws and regulations regarding the use of quick-release steering wheels can vary from country to country and it is important to check the laws in your specific jurisdiction before installing one on your vehicle.

What Is Quick Release Steering Wheels?

Almost all over the world, car owners face the problem of car thieves. Stealing cars has become a common problem for owners having a stock of cars. But one simple and cheap way to alleviate this problem is by installing a quick-release steering wheel. You can buy it from the aftermarket. 

However, this system fits most streetcars, and installing the device is easy. For a quick-release steering wheel, you should have a steering wheel, a quick-release hub, and a 6-bolt hub. In modern days, this is the savior to stop the problem of stealing cars. 

Now comes the question, what is the point of using a quick-release steering wheel?

Well, a quick-release wheel associated with a collapsible steering shaft enhances security and allows the driver high-performance entry and exit rapidly and easily in a time of emergency. 

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Illegal?

Well, it is legal to use a quick-release steering wheel. But if you ask for steering wheels for your streetcars of daily use, it is probably not legal. In other words, it is illegal. 

A quick-release steering wheel system can be found in almost all modern cars. It is also famous among all car lovers, for having the quick rotational speed of releasing the steering wheel. 

But a quick-release steering wheel is legal for racing cars only. Not for street-registered vehicles. Because steering wheels with quick release are not easy to control on regular roads as they are not designed for that. So if you want to remove or replace your steering wheel badly, you’ll get this type of steering wheel for only racing purposes. 

Again, you should remember one thing the legality of vehicles varies in regions.  Such as – in New York City and California, a quick-release steering wheel is illegal whereas it is legal in Florida. In Florida, it is legal till then you have requirements. That also depends on the type of vehicle and steering wheel. 

So, if you are a resident of Florida, talk with DMV and DOT if you need these requirements in your vehicle. [DMV means Department of Motor Vehicles and DOT means Department of Transportation].

Are Quick Release Steering Wheels Safe?

The device is particularly for vehicles that are for shows, exhibitions, or off-road purposes. So for streetcars, this type of device is not safe. But there are many mixed options regarding the fact of safety matters of the wheel. Because according to someone, the quick-releasing steering wheel is perfect for preventing your car from being stolen. 

However, if you are going to add the method to your regular used car, you have to remember some important things-

  • You must check the quality of the product properly. Because if it is bad in quality, the quick release will be bad and lead to an accident. 
  • After installing the system, you must run some testing steps. Before you start using it, it will help you to understand the system properly with the keys.  Then you will be able to get to know about unlocking and locking the device. How do the quick release hub and depression of the release tab function? 

These are some safety measures you can follow. But whatever you do, follow the manual of a particular model. Because every model is different in its way. 

Is It Legal To Use Aftermarket Steering Wheels?

It is a very common question among car owners,” is an aftermarket steering wheel illegal?” 

Well, it is not illegal to buy or install an aftermarket steering wheel in your car. But in most cases, a redesigned unusual wheel with illuminate airbags is illegal. You can now replace steering wheels after 90 to 95 years.

But many of us think replacement and making the steering wheel is almost the same. No, they have differences between them. Here replacement steering wheel means customers need to change a rusty or defective wheel. On the other hand, aftermarket means wheels with various designs and features. 


Is it illegal to get a quick-release steering wheel?

The quick-release steering wheel is legal for racing cars, but illegal for a street case for daily purposes. As streetcars are not designed for the system, it is hard to control them. 

Are racing steering wheels illegal?

No, racing steering wheels are not illegal. The only place you need to use this type of steering wheel is for racing purposes on racing cars. 

Is aftermarket steering wheels illegal?

It is not illegal to purchase and install an aftermarket steering wheel. If the driver is 16 years and has a valid license then he can use the aftermarket steering wheel. 

Is it legal to remove airbags?

Yes, removing airbags is legal. To legally remove an airbag, you have to submit a request to NHTSA. Your request should be written. If your request is approved, then authorized dealers or shops will remove the airbags. After that, they will install an on-off switch so that airbags will be enabled when your vehicle will not face deactivation. 

Final Words

Well, after this discussion above, you have already known the fact. Is, for regular daily used cars it is not legal to use a quick-release steering wheel.  Because the quick release is only applicable for shows and exhibitions. But if you made all safety measures, it is safe to use.  However, we are very grateful to have you till the end. We hope this content will help you.

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